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Aughst 28, 2015 at 11:12 PM
Daisy Hey
Grant hey. are you okay?
Daisy i'm fine. wondering how she saw me. glad it didn't fuck anything up.
Grant everything's fine. i left. where are you?
Daisy i went home, but then i didn't go home. i felt restless. thought being in a building would be a bad idea.
Grant can i come to you?
Daisy yes. i've just been wandering but i can go to the park. or her old apartment. though park might be safer, i dont know.
Grant park. give me an hour.
Daisy okay. i'll be there.
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Daisy Sutter
to Lissa
maria. maria i don't know why i very suddenly know who i am again, but i hope you are aware as well. i dont think i have much time but i needed to get this out to you. its important, so important and i dont think i can rest or relax until i get it out. the past few times i've been here have been complicated, for so many reasons. and i dont think i was completely in my right mind. i know you don't completely trust me right now, and i do understand that. but i wanted to tell you, before i slip away again, that shield has always been my family, my home, and that is of the utmost importance to me. i searched for answers for so long and only found them within shield. i wont do anything to betray any of you. my connection to ward worries you, i know that and i understand that. but even that connection is complicated, more complicated than your mistrust of me. ward will never learn what we don't want him to know from me. we can't even be alone with each other right now, and what lies between us is deeply personal and does not involve shield or hydra or anyone. and i will keep it that way. it is and will remain separate from my duty and loyalty to you, to shield. please know that. please believe in me. let me be the asset i have always been for shield. let me use my talents to our benefit. please.
Recent Calls
Aughst 28, 2015 at 11:12 PM
Unknown The number you are trying to reach has been disconnected.
are you there?
i'm here. jesus its been too long.
it has. when you weren't you last time, i was afraid you might not ever be again.
oh my god. i woke up this morning and it felt like... no time, as usual. but when i looked at the calendar, too much time had passed. Did you...did you see me last time?
i did. you were horrified.
oh god, really?
well i'm here now.
I am glad.
the last thing i remember is texting you on the 4th. i love you, too, you know.
it's good to see you say that.
i would say it to your face but, we know how that goes.
i wish we could. it's more dangerous than ever.
is it? why?
someone tried to kill her last week. the baby too.
oh. oh my god. my god thats horrible.
yeah, but she was somehow immune. same reason i had a quinjet. do you remember that?
a quin... oh... oh no... i shot you again, didn't i? or she did.
she did, yeah. probably for the best.
this is getting out of control.
Camera Roll
the only thing i am using you for is your body, obviously.
well, obviously. and you can't even have that.
so what am i still talking to you for?
i'm really pretty. and witty. and you like me.
no. i love you.
oh my god.
i don't know you've said that before.
i did, once.
i love you, too.
yeah. i think i did, a long time ago. and it made your betrayal all the worse. so i buried it.
i'm sorry.
don't be sorry. just say it again.
i love you.
June 14, 2015, 11:55 PM
Sounds weird, but you're going to wake up with a shit ton of memories you cant understand. That is why.
  • memories belong to skye. skye is you. you are skye.

  • owner of frisky business is danny. danny is also grant

  • grant is good and on your side. danny is very fucking bad and wants you dead. so does his partner, charlie (madame hydra) and now his sister.

  • remembering the past is very important. grant betrayed you and everyone. BETRAYED YOU. but, past does not have to dictate current actions. past=/=present.

  • your judgement is going to be questioned. don't let this get to you or make you make rash decisions.

  • SHIELD is still your family, though its very different.

  • lissa=maria hill. jemima=jemma simmons. august=tony stark. max=kate bishop.
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    who's there
    it's me
    easy to say.
    you're smart not to trust that. you're smart not to want to come near me
    i wish it were that simple.
    me too. i hate myself for putting you in danger.
    i don think... there are words to describe watching... the person you've vowed to trust, disappear before your eyes
    there aren't words describe not being in control and watching yourself attack the person you love, either.
    what a fucking mess this is. are you okay?